Outer Limits Dance Band were formed in 1986 by members of a local brass band looking to do something different. Originally formed as an instrumental group, Outer Limits soon expanded to include a large vocal repertoire  Later, a female vocalist was added to the personnel. Although some of the band have moved on, the majority of the personnel remain from the band formed 26 years ago! Fed up with going to functions and having to endure the sounds from a disco, Outer Limits wanted to provide entertainment which was both musically varied and pleasing but also visually entertaining. We hope that is what we have achieved.

Outer Limits are :-

Catherine Field – Vocals
Chris Askew – Guitar
Dave Bevan – Sound
Dave Clifton – Drums
Graham Herbert – Trumpet
Jonathan Field – Keyboards & Vocals
Kenny Anderson – Bass Guitar
Phil Bergquist – Trombone & Vocals
Susan Blandford – Saxes